Say Goodbye To Traditional Mansions; Super Flats Are What’s In

A new breed of wealthy house hunters are now putting aside the traditional townhouses  in London for a more modern, luxury and multi-million pound apartment. If you have sacks of money, it is pointless if you do not look for yourself a luxurious place to live. For centuries now, staircases have always been synonymous with elegance, grandeur and wealth like champagne and caviar. Well, that is until now. The new era calls for the elites of downtown London to reject the traditional elaborate mansions in favor of a trophy flat with no solitary stair in it.

Wealthy people in London are now looking for penthouses that give them breathtaking view of the city or first floor apartments with ceilings that are so high and that have more than four bedrooms. These rich people also look for luxurious furnishings in the potential flats like cloakroom vanity unit with basin in the bathroom. These properties are alluring to the rich nowadays and they often cost more per square feet compared to the finest Georgian terraces. This is indeed a true sign that trends are now shifting. A house that is situated in Belgravia that has six floors and no elevator will sell for as much as 2,400 pounds per square foot but the equivalent amount for an apartment for the same size will be as high as 4,000 pounds. It was only last month that a new penthouse located in Mayfair successfully sold for 7,000 pounds per square foot. This is the most expensive abode that is sold in Britain within the year.

Flats in demand

Despite the high cost of these super flats, they are very much in demand in the market. This phenomenon has never been seen before. The popularity of town houses and city mansions on the other hand is now starting to wane. Many of these apartments are more like of five star hotels than traditional houses in the bustling capital of London. It seems that with this trend, the super rich people want to have everything in lateral space situated on one floor whether they are royalties from Asia, Middle East, celebrities or commodity bankers.