Rural Alberta Implements Stricter Standards Regarding Funeral Homes

According to a new regulation, funeral homes that were not granted approval by the government of Alberta will no longer be allowed to move bodies all over the rural areas. In very rare situations, exception will be granted.

Businesses will now have to go through pre-qualification to make sure that their employees have gone through the criminal record check and that they are using the right vehicles necessary to perform the task. This is according to the public account committee of the legislature.

A statement from the officials said that there will be exceptions given in situations where there are mass fatalities, if the body has to be transported from the side of a mountain or if it is the desire of the family that the body is given in charge to the funeral home they have selected.

Every time a company that is not contracted is used, the government will conduct tracking. The police will also be given a list every week which is updated regularly to make sure they know who the prequalified vendors are.

According to the deputy minister of justice of Alberta, Philip Bryden, he told the committee that investigators are required to have full documentations of the incidents wherein a business that is not prequalified was used to make sure that proper guidelines are followed.

The change was implemented before the month of September ends following a scathing report that was published in July. The report was made by the office of the provincial auditor general.

The auditors found out that the chief medical examiner continues to employ companies that are not under contract or were not approved. Two years after the decision that they should be under a contract, they still continue to use un-contracted ones 29 per cent of the time.

The government also got complaints regarding staffs that have previous criminal records that were employed to transport bodies and there are staffs of funeral homes that are taking picture of the scene of the crime for personal reason. There are 95 companies available, 30 are already qualified and 25 are still under scrutiny.

This is why it is important to choose carefully among the Funeral Homes in Perth before signing a contract.