Rugby Football For Two-Year Old Toddlers

Chris Hill and Ben Currie are professional rugby league football players. How many children will follow their footsteps in the future? Some children are starting to learn skills for the rugby league rather early. Even toddlers are given their first taste of the sport in venues located across Warrington every weekend. Kids from age two to seven are welcome at Rugbytots.

Rugbytots sessions are staged at Birchwood Community High School, Orford Jubilee Park, Great Sankey Leisure Centre and Maple Lodge Scout and Guide Centre. Rugbytots was founded in 2006 and since then, it grew into a worldwide movement that teaches the ball-carrying sport to more than 40,000 children in 16 member countries.

Sports is the foundation of Rugbytots but it also teaches children more than rugby football. The kids are divided into three groups: 2 to 3 ½, 3 ½ to 5 and 5 to 7. According to the organization’s spokesman, Dean Kenny, their objective is to give toddlers the opportunity to get involved into the fundamentals of rugby football while they are learning colours, number and shapes. However, the most important is teaching them about interactions with other children through the sport. Someday, the toddlers will be moving on to develop their sport prowess elsewhere.

Rugbytots acts as the feeder for local amateur clubs on whatever sport. There are actually many girl participants who move on to dance classes. What they learn under Rugbytots provide them with the core skills for their future endeavours not to mention learning the importance of teamwork.

Parents get the chance to bond with their children through medium rugby where new skills are learned and new friendships are formed. Parents need not worry about their toddlers getting hurt while playing sports because the skills are introduced gently and foam balls are used for passing, kicking and catching with confidence.

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