Rodent Population Challenges Dearborn

Rodent population is more prevalent during winter because they are looking shelter and food. If you notice droppings, gnaw marks on wooden doors and furniture, damages to packaged foods and evidences of nesting, call pest control in Sydney immediately for safe and effective pest management. If you ignore the presence of rodents, their population can explode very quickly particularly if conditions are conducive to reproduction.

The city of Dearborn continues to be challenged with rodent control issues and they have to send out field inspectors to make first contact with homeowners. Vector control professionals follow up on properties after confirming the existence of rodent problems.

Since August 1 of this year, at least 115 households in the West End have contacted city authorities regarding their concerns. The properties were visited and found out that 27 complaints were unfounded. 17 of the properties had rodent problems which were created by the homeowners themselves. The homeowners were directed to private pest control providers for rodent management. 18 homes were treated by the city authorities and their problems have been abated.

All complains are visited because a single one could lead to the discovery of rodents in adjacent properties. Because of the mild winter and ongoing sewer and building construction projects, rodents throughout Dearborn were dislodged from their underground homes. The warm weather has also aggravated rodent activity.

Homeowners were advised not to use pesticides for rodent control because the pests can become resistant making them more difficult to eradicate. If the rodenticides are improperly placed, they can pose a danger to children, pets and non-targeted species. The use of poisons and chemicals to eradicate rodents can only be handled by professional pest control providers. It may require multiple treatments to eradicate a rodent infestation and it can also take a period time before the treatments will take effect.

Rodent infestation is a serious pest problem that requires the services of pest control in Sydney that uses safe and effective chemical treatments. DIY pest solutions are not only expensive; they are time consuming and do not always yield effective results. Sometimes, pertinent factors are overlooked particularly if the control method relies on baits.