Robot House Helper From The Future

For people who lead a busy life, juggling work, kids and home chores can be quite a challenge. For working moms, they have to attend to emails while prepping the kids for school while they are also preparing themselves for work. Imagine hosting a party that same night but you won’t be home earlier so you don’t know how squeeze in cleaning up before the guests arrive. This is a problem easily solved by elite house keeping but anyone knows it is not that easy to find a reliable employee these days.

Another option at your disposal is the new innovation – a robot that does housekeeping. The robot is called Aeolus Robot and the machine is as big as a child. It was presented during the Consumer Electronics Show which was held in Las Vegas. The robot has been programmed to do domestic chores including picking up toys, mopping, moving furniture and grabbing a drink from the refrigerator. All of this can be accomplished by the robot without help from humans.

According to the Aeolus Robotics’ global chief executive, Alexander Huang, this is the very first robot that can function in multiple ways which resembles a human being. As of now the model is the size of a child but they are planning to improve its capabilities in order for it to be transformed into an adult. If more people utilize it, its strength increases.

The reasoning behind it is that the company that is manufacturing the robot will connect them in a single network so that the machines can exchange information regarding countless objects. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Huang said that the robot will be able to follow the routine of the people and the home as a whole.

The company officials are still deciding on the name of the robot. The robot has the capacity to memorize the owner of the object to ensure that the child’s toy will not be stored in someone else’s closet.

While this is a good innovation, the robot’s capacity might not be able to meet the demand of homeowners who prefer elite house keeping thus they still need to go to an agency for a domestic helper that can do all the chores inside the house.