Ribbon Awareness: The 7 Most Popular Ribbon Colors And What They Represent

Ribbons are probably one of the most useful materials today. You can use it to decorate all sorts of items, tie or bound objects together, and most especially, you can use these fine decorative materials to raise awareness. You can find ribbons practically anywhere, especially when it is used for awareness. You can find them tied to a gate, glued to a door, a window or even the windshield of a car. It doesn’t matter where you find them, the feelings and the idea it represent will always be there.

Here are 7 of the most popular ribbon colors and the causes they represent.

  • PINK – This is probably the most common of all the colors used for ribbons. Pink ribbons have been mostly associated with the female gender and for the female cause. The most popular cause it is used for is for breast cancer awareness. Aside from that, though, pink ribbons are also used to represent birth parents and even childhood cancer.
  • RED – Red, the fiery color is famously used to represent the struggle or the fight against HIV/AIDS. This color is also used for a number of medical causes such as stroke, heart disease, complex regional pain syndrome, MADD, DARE and substance abuse above all others.
  • GREEN – This color is mostly associated with childhood depression. Green is famously linked to children and the environment with causes for raising awareness for environmental concerns, missing children, kidney cancer, cerebral palsy, Lyme disease and tissue or organ donation.
  • YELLOW – Yellow is the color mostly associated with the US troops. This color is meant to give hope and not only that, it also represents the POWs (Prisoners of War) and MIAs (Missing in Action) soldiers.
  • BLUE – Blue mostly represents the fight against child abuse, drunk driving, colon cancer, bullying, addiction recovery and prostate cancer among many others.
  • BLACK – It doesn’t take much to guess what black stands for. It is a symbol of mourning, melanoma awareness and gang prevention.
  • PURPLE – this color represents pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, animal abuse, lupus, cystic fibrosis, thyroid cancer and ADD.

Know that these are only some of the causes that these colors represent. There are hundreds, if not thousand more others since there is no limit to what ribbons can represent.