Revolutionizing The Concept Of Vending Machines

People are provided with a better experience through vending machines where various drinks and snacks are available on demand. Thanks to the providers of vending machine logistics that introduced a high quality solution so that organizations will succeed in providing the best services to their employees, visitors and customers.

Five years ago, Farmer’s Fridge changed the traditional concept of vending machines. Instead of offering potato chips and chocolate bars, customers were given the opportunity to choose seasonal and healthy foods on demand.

It is not surprising to know that technology plays a key role in getting these vending machines operable in more than 200 locations in the Midwest. The efficiency of the vending machines allowed consumers to grab something for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. The automated smart fridges are always stocked with chef-curated, quality meals and snacks.

Ben Bernays, the director of Cloud and Data Infrastructure in Engineering is the overseer of the design and implementation of cloud architecture as well as the backend system that supports the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and systems that aggregate data. The end-to-end solutions allow the field and kitchen operations team to interact with the IoT devices.

The concept of the smart fridge is the same as the vending machine; however, the smart fridge has the capability of analyzing and predicting consumer demand. The application of vending machine logistics is the differentiator that provided customers with a better experience every time they visit the smart fridge.

However, Farmer’s Fridge also faced some big challenges in the scaling and aggregation of data. The first version of the system when it was still small with very little data was designed to be rapidly iterable and easy to update. As the system got bigger, significant engineering resources have to be invested to support the need for more data regarding item demand and purchase patterns.

A dependable method was developed to ensure that vending machine logistics can be adapted to any site from leisure centres to petrol stations and public places. From the time the vending machines arrive in the warehouse, technicians and engineers will immediately perform all the necessary pre-staging and configuration services to comply with government regulations.