Reviving Old Metro Cars

Metro is currently planning to dress up its rail cars which are an old series – 3000 and 6000. The transit agency made an announcement through a YouTube video upload that they are going to refurbish a number of rail cars from the 3000 and 6000 series in order for them to look uniform with the new trains. This entails wrapping the cars with a silver vinyl which is the same as the exterior of the new 7000 series. This is not a new method as car vinyl wrap in Brisbane is common to give vehicles a new look.

Aside from the vinyl wrap, the carpet will also be changed to one that has confetti print, flooring that is non-stick and the seats will be fitted with blue padding. As a start, two rail cars under the 6000 series will undergo the renovation. Aside from looking clean, Metro also want their rail cars to have a uniform look which is expected to save agency money for the long-term goal. Richard L. Jordan, the spokesman of the agency, said that the biggest change will be evident in the vinyl wrap which will cost $4,776.

Metro said that they will be able to save almost $60,000 in the long run while helping in waste reduction in the environment. The agency did not reveal any specific detail regarding the cost-benefit analysis but they said that painting the rail car will set them back $14,000. The vinyl wrap, on the other hand, will last longer in comparison to paint job.

Metro did not say how often the painting job is done on their rail cars or how long the vinyl wrap will last compared to the paint. As stated by the agency, the painting job is determined based on the condition of the cars or if there are unexpected situation such as graffiti painted over it.

Aside from the cost, painting also takes a lot of time thus for the entire duration the car will not be used as it is being serviced. Several coats are needed to achieve the right painting job and safety protocols must be followed because chemicals are utilized during this process. This is one of the advantages of using wraps over painting. This is the same reason why car vinyl wrap in Brisbane is favoured by car owners as it saves time and money.