Reintroducing The Made In Thailand Campaign

Seasoned travellers are aware on the best places to stay in Thailand particularly Bangkok. However, first time travellers to the Kingdom have to decide whether they prefer a leisure hotel in Sukhumvit or one of the luxury international chains. Choosing a hotel that will exceed your expectations will depend on the purpose of your visit whether it is for business or leisure.

Even if you are visitor to Thailand, you might be interested in the Made in Thailand campaign because it affects businesses. If the Made in Thailand campaign is reintroduced to the people they will be encouraged to eat and use locally made products. The campaign will greatly benefit small and medium sized enterprises that are being challenged by technological disruptions, shrinking sales and the mushrooming of non-tariff barriers.

According to SupantMongkolsuthree, chairman of the Federation of Thai Industries, there are concerns over the volatility of foreign exchange and oil prices including natural disasters like floods in spite of this year’s growing economic prospects. If the Made in Thailand campaign is revitalized, consumption and use of Thai products can be promoted. Thai consumers will become more aware that there are high quality Thai products that can compete with international goods.

Mr. Supant said studies are being undertaken so that the government can kick start the campaign in the last quarter of the year. Two working panels will be created; one for the promotion of trade and industry and the other to work with officials in the Commerce ministry in tackling trade and investment issues.

Mr. Supant has also expressed concern over Thailand’s participation in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership because of the possible impact on Thai industries. On the other hand, the Commerce ministry believes that joining CPTPP will do more good for Thailand since there is a pledge to slash tariffs on 95% of trade in goods.

Bangkok is a crowded city. The crowd is a mixture of local Thais, expats, tourists and business travellers. If you have plans of exploring the city, your best choice will be leisure hotel in Sukhumvit that will allow you to go from one place to another in the most efficient way.