Regular Steam Trap Maintenance To Ensure Money Savings

Steam boilers remain to be a popular source of heating for buildings not to mention that it is a critical part of a manufacturing process. Steam provides more value for money spent because it is very efficient in the creation and delivery of heat and holds more energy per pound than water. Many manufacturing processes rely on the boiler but there are instances when they lose steam or steam is processed inefficiently due to failed steam traps. This can cripple manufacturing and cost money.

In most cases, faulty steam traps can be detected during simple testing and maintenance routine. When the steam trap functions properly, it can effectively regulate the flow of condensate and gases so that the system’s thermal efficiency is maximized. However, steam traps like any mechanical component requires regular maintenance to perform effectively and efficiently.

According to the US Department of Energy, about 30% of steam traps fail within 3 to 5 years due to lack of maintenance. A steam trap with an opened 1/8-inch orifice will cost $6,640 annually in wasted steam. However, in most cases, a failed steam trap cannot be immediately spotted but there are signs like inefficient operation, increased heating costs, mineral buildup and corrosion in the boiler system.

While the Department of Energy suggests monthly or quarterly steam trap testing, it is often overlooked. Being diligent with steam trap testing ensures an energy efficient system, lower overhead costs and freed capital that can be invested back into the business. If steam trap maintenance is overlooked, it can drive operational costs up and divert resources from business-building investments.

If the steam trap is properly maintained, it can last for as long as 6 years. Failure of the steam trap is often due to an open position that allows live steam to escape and waste energy that is embedded into the steam. Steam traps can also fail in a closed position that blocks all steam from flowing through the system. Maintenance of steam traps are relatively easy to achieve by partnering with a local contractor like with the required boiler maintenance experience. This solution is just a call or click away.