Refinishing Of Hardwood Flooring

Properties that were built with the original hardwood flooring are not easily replaced therefore families tend to hold on to the sentimental value of the place. This is the job of flooring companies in Sydney to make sure that clients get to enjoy the same floor while maintaining it at the same time. For hardwood floors, refinishing can be done but homeowners should be aware that such task might result to dust infiltrating every part of the house.

There are precautions that can be done to protect all furniture inside the house as well as the workers who will be conducting the refinishing project. Sanding means that the whole area will have fine wood dust after. It is a common complaint from homeowners saying that the wood dust is still visible around the house even weeks after the job was completed.

It is not a good thing because according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, sawdust is considered to be one of the carcinogenic materials on earth since 1995. This is the reason why manufacturers created a new design for the sanders and these are the ones that come equipped with improve vacuum systems. You can hire professional companies that provide such dustless service to make sure that your home is free from dust.

These dustless services make use of sanders with tubes that lead to bags where the dust are deposited. The job was made possible by the vacuums installed on the trailers. For some, they have an indoor vacuum that comes with filter to make sure that even the smallest particles will not be able to pass through as it is dangerous and could lead to lung damage. You can find a local flooring company that does this type of service or you can also search online.

Before hiring the company, make sure to ask about the equipment they will take for the dustless service. Do not forget to hire only companies with certifications to guarantee that they know what they are doing. There is also an association for flooring companies in Sydney which can be used as reference when hiring a contractor.