Probe Into NHS’s Hospitals Are Swarming With Pests

A research team recently probed across the UK’s hospitals and found that they have been spending millions upon millions of funds into pest control in Newcastle and other places in order to fight back against the pests and vermin that have managed to swarm their nooks and crannies, after years of not channelling funding into that particular aspect.

An investigation made by UK’s Daily Mail discovered that pest control companies are being called upon by hospitals around 12 times a day, on average, to deal with vermin and the like in their wards, and, sometimes, in their operating theatres.

In the time of 2016-2017, there were approximately 4,500 callouts, with an additional 3,614 in the timespan of April-December in 2017. Mixed news for pest control in Newcastle as they’re guaranteed business, but with the total national expenses amounting to more than £3M, there’s bound to be some issue.

One issue with the figures is that around 62 trusts in the NHS, less than half, provided their detailed information on the matter, with some pointing to ‘commercial confidentiality’ as their reason for not divulging data. Regardless, it means that the issue is much bigger than what is currently known.

Senior Members of Parliament used the word appalling, when talking about the situation, which is considered one of the most, if not the most widespread infestation to strike the NHS. An issue only brought up when the Mail issued a Freedom of Information request by the Mail to 135 NHS trusts across the country.

The NHS is currently working to deal with the issue, with plans to borrow £10B from private investors in order to pay for control and upgrades to its trusts.

Notably, more than 1/3rd of the hospitals under the NHS were built before 1974, and, according to EC Harris, a Specialist Consultancy in the UK, they are in dire need of upgrades, with some in need of outright reconstruction.

The British Pest Control Association’s Natalie Bungay says that a lot of problems with larger scale pest controls tend to be in hospitals that are of considerable age, have lots of holes, or are connected to older sewer systems.

NHS Improvement expressed in a statement that hospitals are in need of effective policies on pest control.