Plumbers As The Second Most-Inquired Tradespersons In BBB

According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), plumbing is the second most inquired business since October 2016. In the final three months of 2016, BBB has received more than 18,000 inquiries for plumbers. BBB offers consumers the following tips when hiring plumbers.

  • The best type of reference is still the word of mouth recommendation from family and friends who will help you with the most trustworthy plumbers based on their personal experiences. You can also search through to determine the accreditation status including customer reviews, BBB ratings and previous complaints.
  • It is important to determine whether a plumber is licensed and insured to ensure that the homeowner will not be liable for on-the-job injuries. You can check the State Plumbing Board for the plumber’s credentials. You can verify the expiration date of the insurance and license and the length of period that the plumber has been in the trade.
  • Before deciding on a certain plumber, make sure to get at least quotes. Compare prices carefully because the lowest quote might not be the best. Remember that more experienced plumbers usually charge more for their work. Ask the plumber whether he charges a flat rate or hourly rate.
  • Always ask the plumber for a list of his previously completed work as reference. Contact the references to determine how the plumber estimated the plumbing costs and whether the job was completed according to schedule. It is also important to inquire about the quality of work performed.
  • Before signing a contract, make sure to read all the specific details like description of the job, cost of materials and labor, date of completion and the type of permits and inspections that will be expected. Always save a copy of the contract and do not make full payment until the job has been satisfactorily completed.

A vast majority of the jobs that were done by T.H.S. were generated through word of mouth of recommendations. Satisfied customers testified to the high standards of plumbing work including the competitive rates and round the clock service provided to Northampton consumers and the surrounding areas.