Plans To Create A Vibrant Social Hub In The Indoor Market In Nelson CBD

There are plans to set up an indoor market in the central business district of Nelson. The vision for shop fitout is a vibrant social hub with diverse offerings that may include food court, coffee shops, fresh local produce and quality giftware.

Liquorland, a bottle shop is destined for a smaller area in its home at 32 New St. to be able to make room for other stalls that will house produce and a microbrewery in the remaining warehouse space. According to Gil Ireland of Bayleys Commercial Property Management, a resource consent application has already been submitted to the Nelson City Council for the installation of the microbrewery; however, Nigel Gerard, a Christchurch-based brewer has already signed on and work is now in progress in other parts of the building.

Liquorland will be compressed down at one end so that there will be a bigger space in the middle. The microbrewery has to go to the far end. Tony Vining, the building owner knew that the space for Liquorland has to be condensed that is why they are looking at other options for the remaining space from bulk furniture to motor vehicle showrooms.

Since the warehouse is located in the big inner city, the base rates will be pretty good; however, it is also important to create better synergy among the tenants. Tony Vining has been doing the job long enough and he knows how to lead and take control to ensure that everything works right.

Liquorland is already prepared for stop fitouts and they are keeping an open mind on the possible occupants on the space. The Irelands want to create a space that will be particularly attractive to businesses and producers in Nelson. They have the idea of creating a beautiful indoor produce market that will be open for business during weekdays.

The right look for shop fitouts in Canberra will depend upon careful planning of available space. The type of décor and functionality that will be created has to complement the natural colours of the nearby environment. It is also important to ensure a right combination of furniture, equipment and other material requirements to provide the commercial space with the look you desire.