Phuket Welcomes Australian Navy With 1,000 Staff

HMAS Canberra, the flagship of the Royal Australian Navy, recently visited Phuket after anchoring in Patong Bay. The visit lasted for four days. The news was made known to every charter boat in Phuket, local businesses and residents.

Canberra is a helicopter carrier ship weighing 27,000 tonnes. It is currently the largest of all Royal Australian Navy’s ship. It came to Phuket together with HMAS Newcastle under the Royal Austrian Navy Indo-Pacific Endeavour 19 also known as IPE 19. They departed the port of Fremantle located in Western Australia on the 11th day of March.

The ships carry with them a thousand staff that will be part of a number of activities as well as military training exercises which will happen on different port visits. They are also set to sail to other countries aside from Thailand including Singapore, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Linda Reynolds, the defense industry minister, said that the Australian Defence Force has been in a good relationship for a long time with security forces of nations in South and the Southeast region in Asia. The relationships remain strong because of the activities and training exercises conducted every year with initiative like Indo-Pacific Endeavour.

The first stop for the helicopter carrier HMAS Canberra was the port of Colombo which is in Sri Lanka. Then they proceeded to Phuket where personnel who came along with Newcastle and Canberra will join in major social projects and military exercises.

For the duration of the four-day stay, the Australian staff will joined hands with Royal Thai Navy, the police force and agencies in charge of disaster prevention. They will conduct training activities such as a tabletop exercise focusing on the security in the field of maritime industry. From there they will experience search and rescue through simulation and solve problems that may arise.

Security training’s are important even for companies that offer charter boat in Phuket because they must always be prepared at all times especially in times of calamities and disasters. They are, after all, responsible for all the lives of the people onboard their boat.