Paul Stephenson Recreates Famous Artworks Of Andy Warhol, Years After The Great Artist’s Death

Andy Warhol can be considered one of the greatest artists, directors and producers of his lifetime. He once stated that someone should be able to do all the paintings for him. At the time, in 1963, not many people took great notice of these words, but now, an artist by the name of Paul Stephenson has taken notice.

Paul Stephenson, an artist has now been able to recreate the exact same portraits made by Andy Warhol, by tracking down the acetates and prints used by the legend to make his original pieces of canvas art print, thereby sparking a debate on whether these works of art where even done by Warhol or by someone else. Stephenson’s journey down this road began when he found online the original negatives used by Andy Warhol to create his pictures, being sold online by a screenprinter in New York. He took up these iconic negatives of Mao and Jackie Kennedy and initially didn’t know what to do with them. At the time, he wasn’t an avid fan of Warhol himself, but he purchased them due to their originality. Later in 2016, he decided to create his After Warhol works of art which will soon be on display at the Buy Art Fair in Manchester.

Although it is well known that Andy Warhol had many assistants who helped him with his work, it is not a well-known fact that Warhol made all the paintings himself and did not let anyone else work on them. It was also widely acclaimed that Warhol had a secret process by which he worked. However, the works of art made by Paul Stephenson resemble that of Andy Warhol so closely that one could not be able to distinguish them.

These pieces of canvas art print are very close in representation to the originals made by Warhol, and Stephenson is more interested in the debates that have arisen from his art than the art itself. Similar to his work on Andy Warhol’s paintings, Paul Stephenson has also bought works of art that date back 200 years, and has tried to paint them himself, trying to recreate originals.