Orthodontists Are The Highest Paid Low-Stress Workers In The US

Orthodontics can be a difficult field to be in; providing High-quality retainers in Harrisburg or anywhere else isn’t always easy or convenient, on top of the necessary education needed to start practicing. For general practitioners in the United States, however, the effort is worth it, though, according to data from US News & World Report, which listed down the country’s most well paid low-stress occupations.

According to the organization’s data, the highest paid low-stress job in the US is orthodontist, which manes that that expert in charge of providing High-quality retainers in Harrisburg is in a good spot, financially.

Their data came from analysis of information from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, as well as extensive interviews of workers in different fields. Notably, archaeologists, anthropologists, and cartographers are some of the best occupations in the US for a good balance of life and work, while being above the country’s national median income of $50,000.

Academia and government have lots of job openings, while museums often need archeologists to help manage their collections, which provide these fields with stability, security, and lower stress work environments.

Wind turbine technicians are also in a good spot, as the profession doesn’t require a specific level of education, on top of increasing demand. So much so that the field’s expected to grow by 57% through the year 2028, making it one of the fastest growing fields, thanks to the increasing demand for clean, renewable energy. The job’s still labor intensive, however, as it involves working on tall structures, removing and replacing broken and worn parts, dealing with technical problems, and collecting data.

However, the list is topped by orthodontists, with US News noting that a lot of them enjoy their work greatly, on top of enjoying an average annual salary of $208,000. Even orthodontists in the lower quartiles of earning power still manage to make six figures annually. That being said, it requires extensive education and training, with orthodontics specialization only being available after getting a doctoral or professional degree.

The top 5 jobs are:

  1. Orthodontist ($208,000)
    • Requires doctoral or professional degree
  2. Statistician ($84,060)
    • Requires master’s degree
  3. Radiation therapist ($80.570)
    • Requires associate’s degree
  4. Web developer ($67,990)
    • Requires associate’s degree
  5. Cartographer ($63,990)
    • Requires bachelor’s degree