Online Portal Dedicated For Electricians Developed By Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, the leading name in energy management and automation has recently launched an online portal that aims to connect electricians. The goal is to aid them in managing and growing their businesses.

In a statement from the company, the online portal is called Partner Portal and it is designed especially for electricians. There are a number of online tools that can be found on the site that will help in providing information regarding the methods that can be employed in order to have an electrician business that runs efficiently. It also acts as a network for business to get the latest news about the most recent products in the market as well as available solutions for energy management.

According to Schneider Electric’s electrician manager, Zanelle Dalglish, they are quite excited about the positive effect of the platform on the businesses of the electricians in South Africa as well as the entire economy of the country.

The online platform features different sections that tackles business development including Promote My Business, My Business Partners, Grow My Business, I Am A New Electrician, and Finance My Business.

Dalglish added that the main objective of the platform is to make sure that the company can work with different stakeholders that are electricians within South Africa. This will guarantee maximum uptake as well as continued usage of the online portal for electricians which is the Schneider Electric Partner Portal.

The portal will also give access to electricians to the online training courses that are provided by the company. These courses are made to cover all types of businesses in the electrical sector. These are often updated to make sure that any changes in the industry are taken note of, most especially the developments in products and regulations.

The portal also offers specialized features which will provide users practical tools that are designed for electricians in order for them to grow and learn to manage their business. There are also industry links which they can access so partners are always connected.

This portal is a dream come true in South America and should also be developed for Gold Coast electricians.