Nightmares From Furniture Removalists In Sydney And In Other State

Moving residence from one place to another takes a lot of hassle. It consumes a lot of time for planning and of course dollars to pay the expenses.

To plan this you need to exert effort in contacting several removal companies and ask for a quotation on how much it will cost you. Lucky enough that furniture removalists in Sydney are easy to locate. They can help you move large pieces that you can’t fit in your own car. But you need to be careful in choosing a company to do the job for you. Numbers of horror stories about removal companies are being posted on the internet to warn everyone who wishes to have this kind of service. Some stories say that the company never showed up, damaged their goods, and worst charged them too high that made them broke.

A woman who recently moves from Sydney to Gold Coast complained that the removal company that she hired showed up two days late from their scheduled appointment. Take note, she paid in advance and complied with all the necessary procedures and process the company had asked her. The late arrival cost her more and extra rent for the apartment she was supposed to move from.

Another story is from a woman from Adelaide. She complained that the company she booked never showed up even after she paid everything in advance. She has left with no other option but to pay twice since she needed to contact another company to help her move out.

The Australian Furniture Remover Association (AFRA), the official body that regulates the removal industry and gives out accreditation, mentioned that the most common complaint that they receive for a furniture removalists in Sydney are not showing up. They then clarified that most of these company are not registered and has no license to operate, and they are doing their best to prevent these happenings.

To make sure that these stories will never happen to you in the future, take time to know the company first before hiring them. It will save you from trouble when worst comes to worst.