Newborn Meerkat Missing From Perth Zoo

There have been many reported cases of burglary in Perth which is why homeowners are already on high alert. Many have already contacted companies that install security screens in Perth in order to add to their existing home security system. Aside from residential properties business are also a target and even the Perth Zoo is not spared. In a recent report, the zoo has alerted the authorities and the general public that they have lost a baby meerket. According to the management, either the newborn meerkat was taken away by a predatory bird or it was stolen by a thief.

A month after its birth date, August 20, the zoo decided to hold a celebration for the birth of the meerkat but it did not push through because they found out that the meerkat is missing from its enclosure. They have already conducted searches and came up with no positive result therefore they had to postpone the event.

According to an email alert which was being sent out by Perth Zoo, they are quite devastated with the incident and they are not expecting to lose the just newly born meerkat. They found out that the baby meerkat was missing during the evening rounds of the zoo keeper who reported that the newborn is nowhere in the exhibit.

Investigations are still ongoing regarding the incident but they are entertaining the possibility that the baby meerkat may have fallen victim to a predatory bird – this is a common problem encountered by the young either they are in the wild or in a zoo.

There is also the possibility that the newborn meerkat was stolen from its home illegally. According to the alert, the meerkats need special diets and professional care therefore it is their utmost priority to make sure that it is well and healthy. One of the staff at Perth Zoo admitted that it was quite hard for them to accept the loss because they are quite attached to their animals and into caring them.

This alerted the homeowners to also secure their premises with security screens in Perth to discourage thieves from targeting their homes.