New Education Programs To Produce Better Graduates

The youth in Thailand needs the best education possible through Bangkok International School so that they will be intellectually, physically and socially prepared for the future. There are many schools in Thailand but international schools are uniquely capable of ensuring that their students can discover their passions, ambitions and interests.

Because Thailand needs highly trained new recruits, the government is planning to accelerate the implementation of a plan that will help universities produce better graduates for sectors that are in need of skilled and qualified workers. Starting this August semester, students who are fresh from universities and vocational colleges will be offered the opportunity to enrol in a 2-year education program to prepare them for the changing domestic and global labour markets.

The organizations that are involved in the implementation of the education program include the Education Ministry, Office of Higher Education Commission, National Economic and Social Development Board and the universities themselves. According to deputy education minister, the study programs will be offered in 8 of the key industries that include railways, aviation, mechatronics, tourism and logistics.

Education programs will include academic work, hands-on training and critical thinking classes. The enrolment of students who are interested in the 2-year education program will be expedited. All of the participating universities can start with the selection and receiving of students for 3rd year round of the new university admissions system this coming April or 5th round that will start in July.

Companies in the target industries that will benefit from the new courses will be invited in a meeting so that they can jointly review the proposed study programs and training courses. According to initial reports, 7 universities were selected to take part in the pilot trial for the new courses. Other universities that are interested to join can take part in the education project.

Meanwhile, the focus of Bangkok International School is young students with ages ranging from 2 to 18. The non-profit school is committed to providing the best preparation for students so that they will be have better opportunities in the future to pursue their interests and ambitions. The school guarantees that the student will be ready for higher education.