Myanmar Workers To Have Legal Jobs In Thailand With Signed Pact


A memorandum between the two countries, Myanmar and Thailand, has been passed regarding migrant labor. This is to be signed by the state councilor of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi together with the government of Thailand. This memorandum is proposed in an attempt to make it easier and legal for migrants from Myanmar to find jobs in Thailand. This is according to the copy of the provision on the document that was published.

Aung San Suu Kyi is known to be the de facto leader of Myanmar and she has conducted an official visit to its neighboring country Thailand last month which lasted for three days. During the visit, she has met face to face with the Prime Minister General of Thailand, Prayuth Chan-o-cha. They were able to discuss the problems regarding the repatriation of the refuges as well as the bilateral relations between the two countries while focusing on labor as well as development cooperation.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand, the two leaders have signed the memorandum of Understanding on the Labor Cooperation Agreement on Employment of Workers and Agreement on Border Crossing.

Based on the agreement signed, the existing work-break time which was originally three years will be reduced to a month. With this, the migrant workers need not go back to Myanmar after being employed in Thailand for a period of four years. Before, they are obliged to go back to their country of origin and stay there for three years before they are allowed back in Thailand. Myanmar workers prefer to work in Thailand because the wages are higher compared to the ones they earn in their country.

There is another provision included in the memorandum and that is requiring Thailand to give migrant workers their certificate of identity which they can claim at the specified nationality verification centers located in Myanmar. This is to ensure safe and no hassle when travelling between the two countries. Migrant workers looking for jobs in Thailand may check out Scooppeople Asia.