Motorcycle Safety Awareness Joined By Silverstone Riders

The Staffords hire brothers know that thousands upon thousands of people are to participate in the event organized by British Super bikes therefore they have sent a reminder once again to make sure that they are wearing the correct kit. There are many shops that offer appropriate motorcycle clothing sale in the UK thus finding the proper items are not that hard.

The safety campaign was the brainchild of Highways England to remind everyone that they should wear the right protective gears when riding. They campaign was done in partnership with Biker Down initiative, Bike Safe and Doc Bike Charity. Safety advises were given out to the participants while the motorcyclists are registered for courses on life-saving methods.

According to the Wigley brothers, Kurt and Matt, the advice coming from Highways England should be followed by everyone. It is not only important for the riders to wear the correct gear but it should be the same for pillion passengers.

Kurt was only six years old when he entered the racing scene. He said that not everyone is thinking of their safety until they have experienced getting injured themselves. This is the only time they will think about motorcycle gears because they believe those accidents will never happen in their lifetime. He shared how he crashed when he was young causing one of his glove to fly off. His hand sustained injury after it was skinned. This made him realize how a small glove can help and why the rest of his body should be protected as well.

Oftentimes, riders think that they will only get involved in an accident when they are running in high speed but there are many cases wherein people got injured despite running in mild speed. Accidents do not have a scheduled time or place therefore it pays to always be prepared.

Kurt was all praises for the campaign organized by Biker Down and Bike Safe because it made people aware of the hazards they are putting themselves in when riding a motorcycle. It is also chance to recommend looking for motorbike clothing sale in the UK and buy the proper ones before riding on a motorcycle again.