Meditation Can Help Kids Battle Anxiety And Stress

Studies have shown that purchasing ergonomic furniture such as the ones sold by Academy Supply helps the students, the teacher and the school as a whole. As a learning space for the young minds, schools are always looking for other ways which could help lessen the load on the students’ shoulders caused by everyday stress and anxiety.

According to the testimony of some Australia teachers, they have seen the effects of meditations to students who are de-stressing. This is the reason why these teachers are advocating for mindfulness to be included as one of the subjects in the national curriculum.

A statement from the Queensland Education Department revealed that one in every seven residents ranging from 4 to 17 years old have suffered from mental health issues at least at one point in their lives. A study conducted by Mission Australia together with Black Dog Institute reported that one in every four students is in danger of succumbing to mental health illness.

Many are getting worried that the schools may soon have to face an anxiety epidemic due to a number of factors including social media pressures, issues that are stemming from their personal lives and the expectation that they should receive a good mark.

Educators working at Brisbane’s Brighton State School said that they are trying to incorporate meditation into the everyday lessons of the students to help them manage their emotions as well as the develop their ability to focus and behave accordingly.

Kath Warren, one of the teachers, said that the meditation exercises are already making a huge difference. Children found a reason to be active once more and show their eagerness to learn. Ms. Warren, along with her fellow educations, said that they allocate at least 10 minutes once they are done with lunch so that students can experience calming music and not stray from meditation track.

The school is trying its best to be the top choice for the children. They have invested in things similar to the ones sold by Academy Supply so that the children will have something to look forward to once they are done.