Locksmith University Ensures That Everything In The Campus Is Secure

The job of the locksmith in Nundah is very important. The most effective solution will be delivered by a locksmith when people forget their keys inside the house or car. They change keys for commercial premises to maintain security. They are involved in implementing security systems after determining the level of risk.

In modern society, whenever there is something valuable, you will find a lock and key. The University of Arizona Lock Shop has a group of locksmiths who work behind the scenes to make locks and keys for everything in the campus. Dustin Taylor, the supervisor of Lock Shop is literally the holder of the keys of the university.

According to Taylor, more than 5,000 keys are cut every year. Since keys are made of brass, there is a certain life expectancy. The keys can last from 6 months to more than 20 years depending on how and how much they are used.

The Lock Shop has several machines that are used for cutting, refurbishing, duplicating and code-cutting. Locksmiths will cut individual groves manually into a key if they know the code for the particular lock. There are also high precision machines for high security keys.

The Lock Shop is not responsible for making keys for all the doors in the university. They only make keys for the filing cabinets, lockers, golf carts, electrical panels, machines, panels for plumbing access and lab equipment. Because the Lock Shop performs its job properly, everything in campus is secure.

Ten years ago, the operations of Lock Shop are performed inside trailers and parking garage offices. Now, they work from a townhouse. The living room has been converted into a workstation while the fireplace became the shelving system. One of the bedrooms became Taylor’s office. The other two became the locksmith’s home. The unique workspace is called Locksmith University because it has an educational environment.

There are particular fields that locksmith in Nundah specializes in. Some locksmiths are very good at repairing keys while others excel at opening doors. A bad situation is not bad at all if there is a locksmith who will provide the help when required.