Locksmith Employed By Elkhart General Hospital Given A Retirement Token

Many people might think that the scope of hospital workers only involved doctors and nurses but in the case of Elkhart General Hospital, they had a celebration for their family member which is a locksmith ready for retirement.

Bob Clark has been working as the hospital’s locksmith for exactly 35 years already. His office is located at the maintenance room of the hospital which can be found in the basement level.

According to Clark, he considers an average day a chance to be of help to his co-workers. He shared that he comes in to work to make a copy of the key, cut a form of the key, open someone who has been locked out of their rooms or offices and he also repair all the broken locks.

On the very same day that he started working for the hospital 35 years ago, he decided to start his retirement thus it became his last day at the hospital.

He admitted that he will be sad when the time comes that he has to leave but it is an inevitable thing that will happen anyway.

For majority of the workers inside the hospital, they considered Clark as the go-to guy whenever they need help in something or they are in a tight spot. Doctors and nurses may have worked together in order to save lives but Clark plays another important role in the hospital which makes the organization an undeniable success.

According to the vice president of the hospital, Cindie McPhie, Clark is needed especially in the most crucial moments. She shared that whenever a lock break, no one is able to go in and out of that specific room. There are times that those rooms will be the critical ones they need to do their work and Clark has provided the best service for more than 30 years.

During the retirement party, Clark was given by the mayor, Tim Neese, a key to the city – a great representation for someone who makes key for a living. Locksmiths play a vital role in the society thus a locksmith in Perth is important too.