Liveaboard Diving Sites Combined With Technology

Technology is everywhere nowadays that even underwater was not able to escape from its grasps. There are divers visiting the best liveaboard diving in Thailand but there are also other diving sites in the world that are equipped with technology.

Truk Lagoon which is in Micronesia is a haven for scuba divers because of the chance to experience tech diving. Under the water are notable wrecks from the World War II which has been made home to marine creatures. Beginners in tech diving will find the sheltered lagoon the most suitable place to dive. All in all, there are about 15 wrecks in the area ranging from 40 and 60 meters deep. At more than 60 meters is the San Francisco Maru which comes with tanker trucks, aircraft bombs, torpedo warheads, artillery shells and flatbed truck. One dive will not be enough in order to explore everything.

The Philippines is another gem when it comes to tech diving. The country is proud of its diving sites located in Puerto Gallera. This is the place to find tiny critters. For deep wrecks, venturing into the Verde Island would be recommended as it also has drop-offs. The currents might be too strong but suitable for drift diving. The eastern part of the island holds two remarkable sites to visit – Pinnacle dive site and Wall dive site.

Honduras is also starting to make a name when it comes to diving sites. Two of its well-known locations are Utila, which is divided into three – east, north and south, and Roatan, which is home to the Cayman Trench. This is suitable for divers who wanted to encounter whale shark while they are exploring.

Last but not the least is the Soloman Islands which is tagged as a paradise. This is perfect for those who wanted to try something that is not as popular yet like the best liveaboard diving in Thailand but just as amazing. There are a number of dive sites to choose from and the locals are very hospitable towards tourists. For tech diving, it is worth to try the Florida Islands liveaboard because there are about 200 different watercraft and the more than 600 aircraft from WWII.