Licensed Esthetician’s Take On Shifting To Organic Skin Care

When it comes to organic skin care, there is nothing concrete on what should be the standard and what should be expected. It is not easy to choose one because of the many Australian organic skin care brands and there are not a lot of infographic when it comes to ingredients used in organic skin care.

According to a leading esthetician, Christine Walsh, the same rule should be followed when purchasing organic ingredients that we consume orally. If a person is not willing to eat toxins then the same principle should be followed when using skin care products that are applied topically on the skin.

There are many benefits of using organic skin care products which is the reason why many people are shifting to organic from their regular skin care routine. The main benefit of using organic is that the overall chemical we apply to our skin is reduced. Walsh said that there are no concrete studies yet proving that chemicals on skin care products gets into the bloodstream but the skin which is the largest organ in the human body is known to absorb products that are applied topically.

Based on research, our skins absorbs more than 60 per cent of the topical that we apply. This is why Walsh said that people should only use good products for their skin. When buying organic skin care products, we should be as careful just as when we purchased the foods we eat. There is no need to swap all the skin care products we use at once but Walsh recommends prioritizing the ones we use on the thinnest part of our skin like the forehead, mouth and eyes. These areas are quite fast in absorbing chemicals and should be given more care.

There are those who doubt the effective of products from Australian organic skin care brands but Walsh guarantees that organic products are comparable to drugstore products when it comes to efficacy. This is made possible with the advanced technology used in harvesting high quality organic ingredients to make sure that the desired results are achieved.