Let Psychoanalyst Patrick Mahony Help You With Depressive And Anxiety Disorders

Symptoms of anxiety and depression can happen in specific disorders. In fact, the National Institute of Mental Health mentions that depression is often accompanied by anxiety disorders and panic attacks. Depression and anxiety may be different clinical features, but some symptoms experienced can overlap each other. For instance, in both anxiety and depression, you can be irritable, lose concentration and impair sleep. It’s when you need an appointment with Patrick Mahony to assess how it all happened.


At some point in our lives, we felt sad or blue. If you feel depressed for losing someone or something and take few days to recover, it’s still not considered a problem. But if you’re experiencing clinical depression, then you need help from a professional like Patrick Mahony. This is a major depressive disorder that interferes with our daily functioning.

The following symptoms felt with you have major depressive episodes are some feelings of sadness most of the time; feeling tired and having low energy; loss of interest in the activities once enjoyed; change in appetite,  weight loss or weight gain; trouble on focus; difficulty in sleeping; feeling worthless, helpless or hopeless; unexplained headaches, muscular or skeletal pain, or stomach problems; and, thoughts of death or suicide.


If you experience anxiety, it’s a normal feeling especially on certain situations. For instance, harmful situations trigger anxiety, especially when there is a need to survive. Sometimes, it can give as u push to excel in things that we do. However, for some people anxiety can turn a problem if it affects our physical, emotional and behavioral conditions. If it lasts for a long time, gets out of proportion for certain situations and causes extreme behaviors, then it is something that a professional like Patrick Mahony has to tackle with you.


You don’t have to fret as symptoms of anxiety and depression are treatable. Persons experiencing such disorder will need to take medications or psychotherapy given by an expert. They may be given antidepressants to treat depression. It can also treat anxiety aside from improving the mood. Antidepressants are perceived to affect the brain, thus providing better mood and minimal anxiety. Nowadays, this medication intervenes with major depressive and anxiety disorders.