Legal Age Of Buying Tobacco And Its Taxes In Ohio Could Increase

A survey was conducted by the Ohio Health Issues Poll in 2017, which received sponsorship from the Interact for Health, showed that almost six in every 10 adults in Ohio or equivalent to 58 per cent are in agreement that legislation should be passed to increase the minimum legal age by which an individual can purchase tobacco products. The current minimum age to buy cigarettes is 18 and they are planning to increase it to 21. The rate of adults in favor in 2017 is higher compared to 2016 when there was only 53 per cent approval rate. This includes the population that is planning to begin Ohio application for tax ID.

According to the president and CEO of Interact for Health, O’dell Moreno, said that if the minimum legal age is to be increased, this might impact young adults into delaying smoking and there is a big possibility that after a few years health problems due to smoking will decreased as well.

In the case of Republicans and Democrats, the majority of them are in favor of increasing the minimum legal age while for Independents almost half of them are in favor of the legislations of raising the age to 21. When looking at the smoking status, there are variations in the percentage of support. For those adults who have never smoked before, six in every 10 or 60 per cent are in favor while for those who have smoked before the percentage in favor is 61 per cent. Adults who are currently smoking were also asked and 50 per cent of them are in favor of raising the minimum legal age to purchase tobacco.

Along with the survey of increasing the minimum legal age, adults in Ohio were also asked if they are in favor of raising the tax of cigarettes for very pack to 65 per cent. When the poll was conducted, a proposal was already being considered. Over half or 53 per cent of adults in Ohio supports the increase in tax for cigarettes. Adults who are planning to begin Ohio application for their tax ID should also have a say in this poll.