Kitchen Renovations Add More Value To A Home Than Bathroom Renovations

Blue is a fitting colour for the kitchen because it is vibrant, harmonious and fresh. When you use blue kitchen tiles on the walls and counter tops there is a tendency for the colour to standout. Blue also has a calming effect because it reminds you of the beautiful sky and calm seas. Mixing different shades of blue can create a beautiful cohesive scheme.

Between a granite countertop on the kitchen or a walk-in shower in the bathroom, what will boost the value of the home? The most popular home renovations right now are kitchens and bathrooms but according to a new survey by Royal LePage, a real estate giant, kitchen and bathroom renovations are not equal when it comes to enticing potential home buyers to pay more cash.

A dream kitchen will significantly add more to a property’s value than a master bath with a double sink, his and hers cabinet and custom vanities. Almost 55% of the 750 real estate professionals polled by Royal LePage said that a kitchen upgrade has more potential to increase the home’s selling price by 12.5%. Meanwhile, a new bathroom can add between 2.5% and 12.5% to the home’s resale value.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are more likely to pay for themselves according to an assessment by Appraisal Institute of Canada. Both renovations will boost the value of the home by 75% to 100% of what has been spent. A kitchen renovation project can add about $50,000 to a $600,000 home.

Knowing that the kitchen renovation can increase the value of the home is comforting but renovations must not be considered as money makers. It would be easy to justify spending $1000 on a kitchen backsplash if you believe that it is a wise investment. A state of the art kitchen can overwhelm most home buyers but upgrading cabinets and countertops will give you considerably more bang for the buck.

White with blue kitchen tiles on the walls and complimenting shades of blue in the accessories and furniture will create a homey atmosphere. There are various sizes of blue tiles in different shades to suit your requirements. The tiles are made from the highest quality materials that can stand the test of time.