KISD Plans To Implement Mapping Plan In Case Of Emergencies

Emergencies are everywhere and encountering one once in a while is highly inevitable. In fact, it could happen at home, at the street, at work, and even at school. Therefore, Kilgore ISD is set to collaborate with the Kilgore Police Department in order to step up college campus maps into something that could plot out how emergency response systems should be.

Outdated Maps No Longer Help in Emergency Response

According to the assistant superintendent Richard Nash, the current campus map Illustration need to be updated as they could no longer be of huge help in cases of emergency.

He added that this has already become a major concern among schools as when unfortunate incidents happen, most people do not know where to go. Sometimes they ask administrators and yet they do not get enough information.

With that being said, the KISD longed to solve this problem by reaching out to the Critical Response Group Inc., in order to coordinate with regards to the creation of the interactive maps. These interactive maps will also lead those emergency responders easily.

Faster Response Operations

According to the assistant superintendent, they were trying to innovate a mapping system which will lessen the response time and to actually improve the over-all communication, which is very vital when it comes to response operations.

Furthermore, a “griddable” map will be created for each of their campuses. The map will then be able to view the place on a micro and a macro scale– both inside and out. Nash even pointed out that the grid system of the map would be greatly comparable to “Battleship”.

Therefore, when emergency comes, the school staff will then be able to tell the coordinates where the incident happened, and thus the responders could easily go to the scene and investigate right away.

The said project would cost greater money relative to most of the college campus map Illustration, yet all the expenses would be shouldered by the state Title IV funding. Moreover, the mapping cost for the administration building would entail a thousand dollar additional as the original plan did not cover the said building.