Key Considerations Regarding Office Furniture

There are many businesses that decide that when it looks good and its price is right, it already equates to a good decision. The aesthetics and cost are just two elements to think through when buying office furniture, and both of these issues are addressed when purchasing quality.

Angela Ferguson, Futurespace’s Managing Director, believes that poor choices on office furniture can potentially destroy a well-crafted workplace and affect an organization’s well-being, health and engagement drivers.

She suggests looking to these key factors when picking furniture pieces.

Quality construction

The best quality in furniture have timber jointing, such as tenon and dovetail. The better the quality, the longer the item will last.

Quality materials

Higher quality furniture have dense cushions, where a block of foam is wrapped in cotton, down or Dacron. When it comes to upholstered furniture, think of firmness, seat heights and widths, as well as the duration of time people use them for.

Scale and proportion

On the plans, a furniture must be drawn to scale. Additionally, volume has to be considered too. This involves corridor widths, ceiling heights and how it will sit in the space.


Everything will need maintenance, and when great quality items are bought, the maintenance is lessened. Likewise, the item’s lifespan is extended.

Cost per use

For example, a chair costs $1,000, and this is used thrice a week, on average. In a year, this equates to a $2.75 daily sit rate. In a 10 to 15 year lease, the chair already pays for itself.


A quality item can be updated by being repurposed or reupholstered. Quality furniture pieces are a good environmental decision, aside from being good investments.

Ratings and rankings

A furniture item needs to be ranked by use and impact. Figure out what items will be used the most and put more money on these pieces.


The better the quality, the better the ergonomic properties since more time was spent in the design phase for research and development to a human centered design.

Fake vs authentic

There is a lot of debate in Australia about replica furniture. A good furniture company never creates a fake item. Visit IOF Here for original furniture pieces.