Kerry ESG Joint Venture To Provide Total Logistics Solutions

Supply chain management is a complex operation that requires the knowledge and expertise of specialist logistics to ensure a smooth and effective flow of goods. Experience is very critical but there is also an important need for modern equipment and delivery methods as well as proven track record of reliability and competitive prices.

Kerry Logistics has combined forces with E-Services Group (ESG), a Hong Kong-based ecommerce fulfilment specialist. The joint venture called Kerry ESG will begin operations in March to expand its business in the online space.

According to William Ma, group managing director, a platform with total solutions from upstream marketing to downstream logistics will be created. The platform will capitalize on the growing international marketplace model to be able to facilitate exports to the international brand customers. The combined force of Kerry Logistics and ESG is well positioned to unlock market potential.

The focus of Kerry ESG will be cross-border ecommerce trade in the ASEAN Region and Greater China area. ESG has existing partnerships with marketplaces like and Newegg for a pivotal foothold in the region. Alan Lim, ESG founder believes that winning at ecommerce means that every piece of the puzzle must be right. A critical component of success is fast and reliable fulfilment.

Ecommerce retailers will be given access to a vast distribution network that can support ecommerce fulfilment in very market through Kerry ESG. The company will be using blockchain technology to boost efficiency and improve traceability of shipping documents through a new platform.

Kerry, CargoSmart and Deloitte performed proof-of-concept on the new platform last December. The aim is to improve interoperability between the carriers and forwarders. The platform is also compatible with different distributed ledger technologies and multiple cloud networks.

Every stage of the logistics process is covered by the experts of specialist logistics to deliver a high quality service to clients. A fleet of modern environmentally sound vehicles will transport goods of all sizes and value to their specific destination. All of the vehicles are specially designed to achieve high level logistics performance. Shipments are guaranteed to reach their destination on time and correctly positioned according to customer’s instructions.