Interesting Facts And Myths Regarding The Trucking Industry

There are myths and legends surrounding a trucking company and its drivers that have not been challenged whether they are true or not. If you live near a McDonald’s restaurant, you will assume that the big rigs featuring the prominent golden arches are transporting frozen McDonald’s goods but the fact is, frozen hamburgers are not transported through long hauls and big rig trucks. It is more likely that they are transporting furniture or mechanical equipment.

It goes without saying that some of the biggest expenses of a trucking company are fuel and gas. It is also likely that you will assume that the trucking industry accounts for a large percentage of the fuel that is being purchased in the United States which is not true. Only 12.8% of the fuel that the US purchases goes to the trucking industry.

Almost all types of vehicles including trucks have done their part to harm the environment. Diesel-powered vehicles account for nearly 50% of all nitrogen oxide emissions and two-third of all particulate matter emissions. However, it seems that the trucking industry has found a way to be environmentally friendly because reports reveal that over the last two decades, EPA emission regulations were able to cut down exhaust output by an overwhelming 95%.

One thing that is common among companies is they hate to wait. Tons of money is paid so that products can be shipped and hauled to and fro because delays cost companies more. A myth says that there is an underground tunnel that is used exclusively by truck drivers, shippers and dispatchers. If the tunnels do exist, how deep on earth do they go?

The fact is the trucking industry is expected to grow in the next few years which is good for the economy. This means that businesses are thriving and there are many job opportunities for the people.

If your goods do not require an entire trailer, there is a trucking company that offers less than full truckloads shipping. The rest of the truck will be packed with shipments from other companies who want to save money and do not require expedited delivery times.