Important Guidelines Before Picking A Used Bike

Most of the first time motorbike buyers, prefer to go for a used bike. The most obvious reason for opting for a used bike is the price of the bike. Bike buyers can get an amazing deal on the bike while buying it from authorized dealers or other sources.

However, it is very important to buy the bike from known sources or through authorized dealers of Honda motorbikes, to benefit from the decision and get a really good bargain without compromising on the quality.


The first step is to research the price of similar models. You can use online tools or visit the showrooms of authorized Honda motorbikes dealers, who deal in used bikes. This will help you to get an idea about the average price of the used motorbike of your preferred model.

Physical inspection

Take a close look at the used Honda motorbikes for sale. Choose a bike that is well maintained and does not show any signs of wear and tear. Conduct a close inspection of the motorcycle parts to determine the quality of motorcycle. Opt for a motorbike that does not show signs of wear and tear and is properly maintained. Take a test ride to determine the comfort and ride quality. Test ride will also help you know about the performance of the bike and determine that it is of the right size to match your requirements. Check the tyres, handlebar, chainset, groupset, engine and other parts to ensure that they are in good condition.

Inspection of documents

Once you are satisfied with the condition and performance of the bike, check for the necessary legal documents. Insisting on looking at the log book (v5) and the MOT certificate, if the bike is older than three years. Check the authenticity of the log book, match the engine and frame numbers of the motorbike with the number mentioned in the logbook, check whether the description of the bike is similar to the description in logbook and verify the name and address of the owner. Buying used Honda motorbikes from authorized dealers is beneficial because the dealers verify the documentation thoroughly before putting the bikes on sale and the bikes will be cleaned and repaired before sale. Buyers can also get the necessary alterations and modifications from the dealers.