Importance Of Protective Gear When Riding A Motorcycle

Motorcycle buyer’s guide helps beginners to choose their first bike. There are different types of motorcycles offered in the market from the new Moto Guzzi to sports bikes, street bikes, adventure bikes and cruisers. It is important to compare and contrast based on price, weight, displacement and seat height to find the right bike that will match your needs.

Motorcycle riders in India are starting to be concerned about their safety. India has the second largest motorcycle market in the world with millions of people riding motorcycles every day. Most of the seasoned riders have realized the importance of wearing helmets and protective gear and have invested heavily on the stuff.

Most riders though are unconcerned about protective gear and they are exposing their bodies to some damages even if they do not crash. For example, there are little pieces of protection like ear plugs that prevent hearing loss. Motorcycle riders are exposed to noise levels that are often experienced by workers in heavy industries.

Many motorcycle enthusiasts install aftermarket exhaust systems that allow their intakes to howl and the exhaust to scream. The sound that the bike produces make heads turn in the streets. However, it also damages the ears.

Hearing damage is not only caused by roar of the machine’s engine but by the wind noise created while riding. Wind noise can be more than 100 decibels at highway cruising speeds. The wind that goes around the helmet can produce sounds of high magnitude. While the sound of the motorcycle’s exhaust and intake becomes prominent at about 70km/h, it increases with speed and can cease damage to the ears.

A cruiser that has a sizeable windscreen up front usually creates less noise than a naked bike. However, even with wind noise, the naked bikes are the most saleable. Never mind the noise because there are quality helmets and ear plugs.

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