IMC To Invest $280 Million Into Market Initiatives

The International Market Centers will be launching a three-year, $280 million investment for new initiatives in order to enhance its market involvement in Atlanta, High Point and Las Vegas and other key markets in the United States. The initiative will be part of their efforts to enhance visitor experience, streamline tradeshow logistics and increase buyer participation in their events and their facilities.

IMC will be implementing their investment over a six to 24 month time period on the three market campuses where it has either ownership or interests. The investment will be including category enrichment and extension efforts, as well as the launching of new verticals, the strategic rebranding of existing resources, upgrades to both digital and mobile platform, complimented by improvements in the physical space, particularly with the arrival areas and the public spaces.

The IMC have already talked about the matter, stating that they have already started on the behind-the-scenes work regarding the investment. The initiative will begin soon, with the first capital projects set to start in January 28; the groundbreaking for the new Expo Center at World Market Center Las Vegas, the IMC’s newest 315,000 ft2 facility, which the group announced earlier in 2018. The project will result in the creation of 110,000 net ft2 of rentable space for exhibits, located next to and sharing a border with the World Market Center Building C.

As part of investment, there’ll be a major initiative that’ll impact all of the three markets will be a new strategic information technology roadmap that’ll include a unified CRM system. According to IMC, they are expecting that the initiative will end sometime by the end of 2019, should the schedule hold.

IMC CEO Bob Maricich issued a statement on the matter, saying that IMC has a long-standing and respectable history of strategic reinvestment, and commitment to ensuring the best customer experience, with their tenants, exhibitors and buyers. Maricich adds that the planned improvements will be significant and tangible, with its effects noticeable, and are designed to create value for their tenants, as well as ensure that customers that visit their events to receive world class quality.