How To Lose 75 Pounds With The Help Of Instagram Followers

Kerry Swift has always been heavier than her friends but she lost some of the extra pounds for her wedding three years ago. When Kerry became pregnant she found an excuse to eat anything which led to weight gain. However, the pictures taken during her son’s christening showed how heavy she has become. Kerry weighed 215 pounds but she adopted a plan to lose 75 pounds successfully. What steps did Kerry undertake?

  1. Kerry joined UK-based Slimming World that taught her how to track her meals and how to focus on healthier stuff.
  2. She refused takeouts, something she used to habitually do four times a week. Kerry focused on cooking her meals and trying out new recipes instead of ordering Chinese or Indian food.
  3. It may come as a surprise to many but Kerry used Instagram as her personal diary. Last October 15, Kerry found out that most of her friends kept a food diary in Instagram and decided to do the same. She took photos of her meals and snacks and posted them on Instagram. Since people started to ask about her recipes, she decided to create a blog. Her followers grew from 100 to over 19,000.
  4. Through Instagram, Kerry found a supportive community. When she felt down, people gave her the motivation. If she misses a meal, people ask what is happening. People in her real life are not concerned whether she is losing weight. They think it is boring but her Instagram community is interested and supportive.
  5. When Kerry experiences a bad day, it does not throw her off the track. She rewrites down her goals and makes the effort to prepare meal plans for the coming week knowing that her Instagram followers are eager for the new recipes.

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