How To Create A Clip In Hair Extension

Clip in hair extension is ideal for those who want a convenient, fast and easy way of getting longer hair without spending too much for it. A clip in hair is affordable with simple application process which can take for only a few minutes. You can also create your very own clip in hair extension by following these simple steps.

  1. Gather the materials. Collect all your needed materials such as the hair extension, wig clips, scissors, glue and measuring tape. The scissors is for cutting the hair extension if you want to shorten it a bit and also for trimming wefts and loose st The measuring tape is for you to determine your ideal length. Prepare 15-20 hair clips to ensure that the hair extension will remain firmly in place.
  2. Examine the hair. There are different types of hair extension materials that you can use. There is the cheaper, synthetic type and high quality hair extension made of human hair. Check if the hair if it is too long for you and needs some trimming. If you will use synthetic clip in hair extension, you cannot iron it or style it further so purchase the exact type of hair and style if you are going to use synthetic.
  3. Sew the hair to a piece of cloth. The next step would be to sew the weft to a thin piece of cloth. The cloth would keep all the strands together. You can also support the strands by adding adhesive to the thin cloth. Make your desired number of hair wefts. Make sure that the hair weft is similar to your original hair in texture and color.
  4. Attach the wig clips. You can buy wig clips from online or offline shops. Sew in the wig clips to the hair wefts. Make sure that they are properly attached.

Style the hair weft. Finally apply your desired style on the clip in hair extension. You can curl it to achieve more body or volume on your hair or iron it down for a long straight hair. After that, your hair extension is now ready for the using.