How To Choose Marquee Hire In Melbourne

Having a marquee on your party is a must especially if you are holding the event outdoors. If your house cannot accommodate all your guests for your dream party, a Marquee Hire in Melbourne will come in handy. There are different types of marquees for you to choose from. There are marquees for large crowds and also for intimate special occasions such as wedding proposals and family gatherings. To help you choose the right marquee for your event, take a look at these suggestions.

Check your budget

When choosing a marquee, keep your budget in mind. Your budget should be evenly balanced to all of your budgetary requirements. For sure you don’t want to allocate most of your budget on marquee then sacrifice the quality of your tables and chairs especially your food. Determine your budget allocation for your marquee then narrow your search to marquees within your affordable price range.

Choose waterproof marquee

Waterproof marquees are durable so they can withstand heavy rains, snow and can also protect your guests from harsh sunlight. If you are having the event on a rainy season, go for waterproof just to be sure. Besides, weather can be unpredictable. The reliability of the Marquee Hire in Melbourne will also depend on the team who will install it. Therefore, choose a company who has experienced staff to ensure that you will not encounter issues during your special occasion. It would be preferable for you to be at the sight during the marquee installation to ensure that you will have the marquee right where you want it to be including the design and other decorations that goes with it.

Consider your invited guests

For a perfect Marquee Hire in Melbourne, check the number of your invited guests. The size of your marquee should be able to accommodate not just your guests but also the tables and chairs they will be using. You should also consider the dance floor, stage and the tables for your food and drinks. Always allocate extra tables and chairs just in case a few uninvited guests show up.