How To Choose A Similan Island Live aboard Company

If you want to have a unique diving experience in Thailand, check what Similan Island Liveaboard is all about. You can get more information on liveaboarding thru the internet. With a little research, you will find a good number of service providers in Thailand along with options and services that meets your budget and diving preference. The only challenge is how to spot a reliable company where you can book the services. If you are not sure how to choose a service provider, take a look at these ideas:

Crew expertise

One of the major thing that you should check from a liveaboarding company is the expertise of its crew, especially the diving guides. This is particularly important especially that you are going to spend a few days with them on the sea. It is important for your peace of mind that you are with the experts who will enhance your diving prowess and will keep you safe while on Thai waters. Choose a Similan Island Liveaboard company with certified diving instructors and marine biologists who will go with you during the trip. Find out if the crew of the company are licensed and are expertise in the field of diving. Read reviews and customer feedback at the website of your prospective liveaboard company.

Boat safety facilities  

Check the website of your target liveaboard company to ensure that you will be comfortable while on board. Find out if their vessels or houseboats are sea-worthy with advance communication facilities. You can also get an idea on the reliability of the company by engaging in forums and discussion boards. Another important aspect to check is if there are life- saving facilities at the boat.

Affordable rates

An enjoyable, safe and comfortable Similan Island Liveaboard experience doesn’t have to be utterly expensive. In fact, you can find companies that offer budget-friendly packages that suits your preference. There are budget packages with multiple dives per day with comfortable accommodation including mouth-watering Thai cuisine. You can also opt for more expensive packages with exclusive services such as a hostess, in-door or outdoor dining options, chef and many others.