How To Avoid Being Victims Of Crime In Melbourne

Crimes can happen anytime. Thieves and people with ill intentions are everywhere, waiting for the perfect time to attack. However, untoward incidents can be prevented and you and your loved ones can avoid being victims of crime in Melbourne with these ideas.

Mind your clothing. If you need to go to an entertainment area, tone down your clothing, if possible. Avoid wearing flashy jewelleries and exposing your wallets, mobile phones and other personal items of value.

Avoid dark areas. Park in an attended garage and choose a well-lit area where you can easily access your car. If you need to walk alone, avoid dark alleys. In instances when you have to ask for directions, ask a store attendant, the security guard of an establishment or other individuals who are employed in an establishment. Avoid calling out strangers on the street for directions.

Stay alert.  One of the common mistakes of victims of crime in Melbourne is being complacent. Anyone can be a potential perpetrator of crime and anywhere can be a crime scene. When approaching your car, keep your car keys ready instead of fishing them in your bag while standing outside your car. Before entering your car, check the passenger seats and the back seats.

Know the exits. When you are already inside the establishment, the first thing that you should look for is the exit sign. This is very important during emergency situations, whether natural or man-made. Knowing where the exit signs are will help you in cases of fire, earthquakes, bombing or terrorist attacks and even escaping from a potential criminal.

Inform your loved ones. Before going out, inform your loved ones or housemates where you are headed and your estimated time of arrival. It would also be best to inform them who you are going out with or whose house are you visiting, just in case something untoward happens to you.

  1. One of the things that saved victims of crime in Melbourne is 911 and other emergency numbers. Make sure that your phone is always within your reach and its battery is fully charged.