How To Apply Makeup On Dry Skin

Organic Skin care is the skin’s first defense against dryness. When the skin is exposed to the sun, wind and cold, it feels dry making it quite difficult to get an even application of makeup. While the cause of dry skin varies, applying moisturizers that will help heal the condition and allow makeup to last longer. However, it is easier to apply Organic Skin care because it locks in moisture and helps in repair.

Without the right techniques of putting makeup on dry skin, it will look dry and uneven. The first step I usually do is to apply moisturizer and wait for a few minutes to penetrate the skin otherwise it can create a blotchy look. Some girls I know make use of body lotion on their face but it is not formulated for sensitive facial skin. There is a big difference between body skin and that of the face. Moisturizers are affordable and it can be a good investment to ensure that the skin looks healthy and smooth.

When I was not yet using Organic Skin care, I use a concealer to hide the dryness and slight imperfections. If you will take a look at the package that comes with the concealer, you will notice that it contains ingredients that moisturizes. Don’t forget though to buy concealers with natural ingredients to even out the skin tone and prevent the appearance of premature wrinkles. In order to achieve a more natural look, it is important to use a concealer before applying foundation.

If the skin is extra dry and flaking, it makes sense to skip powder foundation because it will only emphasize dryness. It can also accentuate lines and wrinkles. There are organic foundations in the market that were specifically manufactured for dry skin. Look for the words moisturizing and hydrating on the labels.

When we have dry skin, there are often fine lines around the eyes which cannot be hidden by powder eye shadow. A better choice is cream eye shadow the makes the eyes look bright. Cream eye shadow may be more expensive but price is not a question when it comes to beauty and health.