How Reviews Affect SEO And Credibility

Most SEO strategies do not focus on reviews; content creation and link building gets the most attention. However, in a marketplace that is competitive, King Kong SEO reviews can be a strong signal to search engines to improve visibility on the basis of trustworthiness and authority. When online reviews are managed well, they can make a big difference in the company’s visibility.

Reviews are very important for SEO because they act as social proof. When a customer leaves a review, it means that they are recommending the business. Social proof allows Google to sort the sites from the trustworthy to those that are not.

Will a consumer go to a restaurant that has no reviews except for a single star? Reviews and other forms of social proof in the algorithm are usually based the consumer’s own perception. Opinions of customers are very valuable and the information can be used by the business in making decisions about products and services. For example, if a new restaurant is recommended by a number of Google users, it is very likely that customers will try it out.

While reviews can influence SEO efforts, there are other factors that are considered by Google to rank pages. Social proof and signals are treated differently. Yahoo and Bing put more emphasis on social signals while Google measures out other ranking factors. Local reviews can improve Bing rankings but it won’t rank a business in Google.

Meanwhile, consumers tend to trust reviews and recommendations particularly the good reviews. The site that gets the most clicks will likely fit what consumers are looking for. If people see good reviews, it is very likely that they will spend a little bit more time on the site. However, there are review sites that people trust more because they feel that the reviews have more credibility and reliability.

When King Kong SEO reviews are added to the SEO strategy, it increases the chances for success. Responding to the reviews highlights an awesome customer service that increases people’s trust. However, reviews must be genuine feedback from actual customers who have been to site and are now recommending the business to others.