How EU’s GDPR Affected The Event Management Industry

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Based the results of the new study of Events force, it was revealed that in spite of challenges, event planners are doing their best to protect the data of attendees. One year after the EU’s data protection law came into effect, 90% of event planners admit to the difficulties of meeting the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In spite of the challenges of GDPR compliance, event organizers say that the regulations has resulted into positive results for the event management industry particularly with event marketing, data management and data security. According to George Sirius, CEO of Eventsforce, event management companies have started to use their data protection credentials in their promotions to show attendees that they can trust the company with their personal data.

The EU legislation has certainly affected the way that event organizers plan and manage events. Research findings reveal that 44% of the respondents are sharing less data with stakeholders and suppliers like hotels and venues. 41% have become more transparent and efficient in managing event data.

Organizers have started to prioritize tighter security control over data during the past 12 months with new GDPR checks for suppliers and 3rd parties they deal with around events. GDPR has also made a strong impact on event management because the legislation has improved quality and creativity of marketing campaigns.

Meanwhile there are risk factors in GDPR compliance that has become a problem to event organizers. It is difficult to control what 3rd parties do with attendee data and there are processes in place to access or delete personal information.

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