How An Oxycontin Drug Rehab Can Affect The Families Of An Addict

Several American parents have their children taken away from them as a result to drug addiction of prescribed drugs, such as Vicodin and Oxycontin. Based from recent news, there was a case of a mother named Shannon Kazakowitz, who lost custody of her young children due to being hooked with prescribed drugs.

Phone calls for the child welfare abuse hotline have increased greatly due to addiction of prescribed painkillers in a span of three years. Few judges and social workers believe around 80% of the cases are related to prescription drugs. It’s when the addicted takes into consideration the oxycontin drug rehab center to receive appropriate treatment for healing and recovery.

So that parents can regain custody of their kids, they must show proof of giving up the drugs wholly, including those drugs legitimately prescribed by doctors. Like the case of Shannon who lost custody of her kids, she took Percocet due to chronic back pain following a vehicular accident. When she became pregnant with her first born, she was taking 5 tablets per day. Shannon managed to quit taking the drug while pregnant with her first child, but on her second pregnancy, she was taking three more tablets per day.

In 2009, a concerned citizen contacted the child welfare hotline to inform that Shannon was selling and abusing prescribed drugs. She admitted being hooked with Xanax, methadone and oxycodone. As the prescriptions were legitimate, she was placed on probation and instructed to see a family interventionist. Shannon failed her appointments. As she was out of work, she was evicted from her home and had to move with her kids in motels. Shannon’s father was disappointed with how Shannon treated her children, so he requested authorities to take the kids away from their mother.

Shannon’s case strikingly shows the saddening effect of prescription drug abuse that can affect children and families. In the US, there are thousands of people addicted to prescription drugs. This will need immediate attention like being admitted to an oxycontin drug rehab center for complete healing and recovery. This is indeed a major problem which the American government needs to address.