How A Thai Wedding In Bangkok Is Performed

A wedding is one of the major events in a person’s life that involves a lot of things to prepare such as getting a license, searching for a fine venue, getting the best menu to be served, deciding a theme and motif of the wedding, looking for the best wedding gown design as well as the sponsors’ attires, entertainment program during the reception, performing cultural and religious beliefs, and many other items that are needed in the wedding.

Bangkok is a famous country where weddings are officiated. Many couples love to get married in Bangkok because of its magnificent beauty and culture. A memorable wedding in Bangkok can be a Thai ceremony or a Western wedding rite. Each type of ceremony has its own manner of conducting the wedding rites.

Thai wedding rites in Bangkok

The traditional type of Thai wedding rites in Bangkok have noticeable differences from a western wedding ceremony in different aspects, although there are more portions of a western type of wedding rite being adopted in Thailand. One example of this is the wearing of two costumes by the bride on the day of her wedding which is a traditional Thai wedding outfit that is worn in the monk’s ceremonial blessing and a Western-style white wedding dress that is worn in the reception after the wedding. It would give an exotic feel of integrating a Thai wedding ceremony to other types of wedding ceremonies. The most popular ceremonies are the monk’s blessing as well as the of water blessing.

A monk’s blessing starts early in the morning between 6:00AM and 7:00AM. At this time the couple will go to a temple. There are 9 monks present because Thais believe the number 9 is a lucky number. The ceremony is a Buddhist blessing. The couple donates gifts and food to the temple to reciprocate the blessing.

The water blessing is done during the reception using holy water that is blessed by the monks. The parents of the couple initiate the pouring of the water on the couple’s hands followed by the family as well as friends of the couple.

Wedding ceremonies differ in every country because of the various cultures people practice. Whatever the type of wedding ceremony a couple has, the important thing is their commitment with each other to keep the sanctity of their marriage until the end.