Ho Chi Minh City Welcomes Singapore DPM Teo

Teo Chee Hean, the deputy prime minister of Singapore, recently went to Ho Chi Minh City to talk about the cooperation between the two cities with regards to developing a smart city and urban planning. DPM Teo was in discussion with Nguyen ThienNhan, the party secretary of the city. It was not disclosed which business hotel in Saigon the DPM stayed in but he made sure to update his Facebook with a post about his trip to Ho Chi Minh City, the largest city in the country of Vietnam. The last time he was in the city was in 1993 when he went to visit along with Lee Kuan Yew, the senior minister of that time.

He shared how the talks with Secretary Nhan was an engaging one which enabled them to tacked the challenges that the two cities are facing and how they can work together in order to improve urban planning as well as come up with development plan for a smart city.

Ho Chi Minh City’s number one foreign investor is Singapore. The country has already invested a total of over $10 billion US in more than 1,100 projects around the city.

Mr. Teo, aside from being the DPM, is also taking on the role of Coordination Minister for National Security. Mr. Nhan said that they are very grateful with the strong cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore and they are hoping to develop this cooperation more into the economic field.

DPM Teo was also part of the opening of the Chancery of the Singapore Consulate-General in the city. Aside from leading the inauguration, he also went to visit Singapore Tourism Board and Enterprise Singapore. Part of his schedule is to have a meeting with Singaporeans that are residing and working in Ho Chi Minh City through a reception that is hosted by Catherine Wong, the Ambassador of Singapore to Vietnam.

Prior to leaving the city, DPM Teo will also discuss with business community of Vietnam and Singapore in a breakfast meeting. It might happen within the business hotel in Saigon where he is staying or at another undisclosed venue.