Grant Gustin’s Opinion On Flash’s Costume On The Movie

Many fans of the television series The Flash are wondering why there has to be two variations of the Flash – a movie is coming out while the TV series is still going on. In a world where the superheroes are concerned, there is nothing that can surprise people that much. The character on the movie and the TV series are also played by different actors.

Grant Gustin is the current actor playing the ongoing TV series and he is the first to portray the character of Flash but on the movie screen another actor, Ezra Miller, will be playing the role. Fans of the legendary speedster get to have a sneak peek on Miller as Flash during a trailer viewing at the Comic-Con. There was also a group shot that was taken with all the members of the Justice League team. The preview was the first time that the public was able to see the latest costume for the movie and that goes the same for Grant Gustin.

Following the launching of the new footage featuring the Justice League movie, many are curious as to what Grant Gustin’s opinion regarding the costume. It turns out that the actor has not even watch the newly released trailer and images. He checked online using a phone and he has a lot of praises for the costume. The most notable thing is that he talked about how different the two costumes are from one another. Gustin expressed that he was expecting them to be different and he admitted that he heard rumors that it will resemble something like Injustice. As his actual words, he commended the costume for being sick and that he was glad they are different since his costume has vintage and street vibe to it – a version unique from any other according to him.

Many agree that Ezra Miller’s costume is inspired by the character in the popular video game called injustice. It is only to be expected since all movie costumes evolve in some way or another in order to adapt with the current trend.